February 21, 2009


Now adays, mostly people do use internet in anywhere of the world. Now, when you think of internet or surfing online , what makes us think about getting online of most of everything that we want to know and we can have it. When you visits to any webpage your IP address is being recognize when that happened hackers and malware and spyware , everything that can cause any problems to our computers you will get it. But no worries about that because in every problem there's a solution. proxy can help you with security and everything. Go sign in now and get you secured for anything. Best of Luck... cheers...!

February 05, 2009

Betsson Casino

People especially those rich people or those people who can afford to go casino are so anxious to find any good location for casino and have fun. But some people too even they're not that rich they still want to go casino because it's fun and woohhh when you won the game jackpot..! you will earn more than what you have. My friend's mother playing casino and lols she's always rushing around and been calling friends and it seems that casino is everything for her. I ask her why shes always rushing and get mad when she can't go. I told her auntie you don't need to. Just search online for casino online and there you don't need to rush and get mad and those temper of you auntie calm down hehehe. When you play it online you can meet lots of people from any countries and I'm sure you will enjoy it too, plus you dont need to rush around because you can play even when you are still in you pjs..hehehe. So we look and we find one, the Betsson Casino. Betsson Casino is all in one. They have table games, slot machines , videopoker, scratch and wow..Bingo too that everyone's loving it and more and more games. They have jackpots, tournaments and more. Auntie said, my goodness me dona this is a cool stuff! This is better than going out and me not worrying of my time.She said thank you for this now go and I will start playing now. hehe You there too who's reading this , why bother going somewhere knowing that you can play it here in Betsson Casino? Try now and have fun..!

Let it snow Let it snow let it snow..

Wooohhhh what day here.. when can we have a good sunny day here.. We went out to get my reading glasses and my gosh it's snowing and grrr my hands and feet's numb..Just hope next week will be fine cos I dont want to go to work with this kind of weather.

February 02, 2009

Women and Mens wear

Women do love to look at their selves on the mirror. I myself I really do because I love myself so much. By wearing something comfrotable and suits to your kind of taste then people will not say anything about you or shall we say loving yourself and the people will love you. By wearing good clothing that will give people a good impression to you. Wearing those good clothing doesnt really need to be expensive. Some people do love wearing those good quality, branded fashion wear. Fenchurch for men for as low as £19.08 , Jack and Jones jeans for men , Fly53 clothing , French Connection brand and alot more.Devine trash is one of uk clothes shop for a great quality ang branded clothing. Hurry though while they're on sale. You won't regret it because they are nice. In fact I've found one dress there that I like and planning to buy that. Common men and women check it now! you have everything you need there, from mens wear and womens wear and accesories.


This week will be very cold. We have a very heavy snowfall today til later this week. Grrr so much cos I dont like snow . Yeah i like snow but not everyday hehe..I sound so confusing. Even though my days been not so great but my Iphone makes me happy though because I did able to jailbroken it and that means to say I can download those ups that I want to have it on my phone. Thanx to the Dev for these great apps and great stuff.

this is my sketch its not finish yet.