April 26, 2009

My New Creation

The fruit of being able not to sleep at night. til 6am. grrr.... You describe guys what is it look like or whats on the picture. Hope you like it..

April 13, 2009

About Dona

Since I havent introduce myself to you , I will start introducing myself to all of you.
My name is Dahlia

and I live in so we called City of Goodluck , Gingoog City Philippines.
My birthday... Hmmm should I say it ?or I'll just leave it or I'll be screwed up beacause I am not that young anymore Lolzz! OK OK OK.. my birthday is on 10th of May,, yup you got it right I AM a Tauranian. Taurus. Whats your impression of a Tauranian Lady? What's that characteristic of a Bull. woohhhh if you knew what is it then thats me..hehehe.
anyways ! No worries cos I'll tell you who I really am. I got my fingers crossed though cos you might not like me after this hehe..
sooo... this is it..
Revilation time hahaha
For those who knew me... please don't react so you won't get hurt..hahaha noooo I am just joking..Just giving you a bit of a laugh guys because.... you will get bored of reading this article ''about me '' I think .
Ok back to the topic.
Dahlia is a sweet , very loving, so thoughtful and caring but ouchhh I am very sensitive sometimes..Yeah,, thats the problem about me guys because I am very sensitive. I sometimes can handle what the people talk about me or on how they said things when we have conversation. I've tried to be so tough but grrr I couldnt make it especially when they're going to do things that can make me laugh or even just effortless things to just make me feel better and that's it I ended up laughing and all the hurtaches and anger washed out.
Am I crazy guys? hahaha. Tell you what.. if you ever see me crying cos I got hurt from people around me and then there's someone out there who's trying to make me laugh. You would'nt guess it what I am going to do and lol I look like I got

crying animated Pictures, Images and Photos

Crying Kitty Pictures, Images and Photos
somethin on my head im self distracted , Crying ,then in a little while laughing then crying again and throwing those things like pillows and after that you found me Singing and Dancing...hahaha

dancing baby Pictures, Images and Photos

Sooo yeah that's how it looks like..I am such a fool hehehe.

I enjoyed simple things in life. Even the smallest that we know it's useless and we don't ever bother to know if that thing or whatever it is can make us happy.

Me ..I am like a kid that if you will give me a candy that will make me happy. I mean say someone will say Dona do you want to go out and go biking? I would probably say yes cos biking will make me happy. Seeing those butterflies , hearing those birds chirping..those can make me happy. Rainbows and seeing kids playing that really will touch our hearts and ofcourse seeing a mother and a child.

Those things that not all of us noticed that they're being cherished and can give us inspiration and happiness to my heart.

Ohhh noo guys.... this is too long now.. I think I better stop now. Or will just make it too short. hehehe. ok Music...

music Pictures, Images and Photos

I like any sorts of music. I have a playlist here and thats all sort of music I like.I havent uploaded the new songs yet but I will when I can guys.

I love to cook though I dont know how but ofcourse I am willing to learn.

dadaadadadaaaraaaa what else...mmmmm, collections..Dolls..clothes or dresses any sort as long as it fits in me and i look good. sandals and shoes..I am not that into bags collector but yeah I have some bags.

Favorite'ssss REDDDDDDD and PINKKKK and sky blue any that it makes me think that it si so nice and soft to look at. but I am more in to red stuff any sorts of red depend on how red it is.

My toys....!..hmmmm...I am loving my Iphone 3g so much now cos I broke it..hahaha..I love my archos wifi enabled..! My red laptop!My organizer..My paintings stuff and my camera..Thats it I think. I will just upload some pics of my toys guys.

Thats all I think..!?

If you have any questions guys, or things that you want me to do just give me a shout and I'll try to do it if I can.

Just leave a message to my chatbox ---->

There yes.. I'll check it everyday.

Ohhh by the way..I'm going to have my own website soon so check it out guys please...Thank you very much to all of you who read this article. I hope doesnt make you feel so bored or so boring reading this I know it's too long but... sad.. Im just trying to catch up things and make it up to those days , months that I've missed in here.See you soon guys..Cheeerrreeeoooo..

Animated Sad dog Pictures, Images and Photos

Animated Kiss Pictures, Images and Photos

Just a message to say IM back... mmwwwaahhhh

Hi Guys! IM back..! Soryy to all of you who had left a message here. Im just having a problem with my mood lol yeah ..just wasnt in the mood to do my blog because I got no inspiration to do it. But since you guys leave a message here for me still even though I have updated my blog , no new here but still you visit me here.. Thanx a bunch for that.. Now I've plan to put more stuff in here that u might get some thoughts about our daily needs and etc.
I am happy now to read here that some people like my blog and my music here.thank you guys..
Keep intouch please..and to Jira my boss thanx to you madaam..salamat po.
LOve always to all of my viewers,