January 14, 2009

Best Hotel for Businessmen

Businessmen are known to be workaholic and optimistic. They want to have a nice place to go or a nice place to have for there business deals. A nice place to stay over night or for unwind. If you are looking for that kind of place or a hotel to stay in after your meetings and deals , Rye Hotels is an excellent hotel. This is not only for businessmen but for everybody and for any special occasions like weddings and more.
Their facilities
En suite bathroom Gilcrest & Soame Toiletries Remote control LCD TV & radio DVD players Satelite channels Complimentary Wireless Internet Direct dial telephone Tea / Coffee making facilities Hairdryer
Private Patio with Garden rooms
Swimming Pool and Spa
40ft Heated Indoor Swimming Pool Hydro-pool Saunas Steam Room Gym (featuring Precor equipment) Beauty & Massage Rooms
garden and everything you need for relaxing.
There in Rye Hotel , they have promotions in especial occasions like now they have this offers for 2 nights for the price of 1 and more. Since we are going to celebrate Valentines Day, me and my hubby planning to check this Hotel and hopefully we can book to stay there for a week or maybe few days. I like it because as what I've seen online, it is pretty nice and sound so relaxing there and you don't need to go anywhere else just to have your beauty therapy because they have spa and more.
Now that Valentines Day is in the corner! Click and check.. hope you like it..!

January 12, 2009


Smile though your head and tummy's aching ... hehehe... I need to so I can save more..toinkss.. Very cold outside and lol I get dizzy abit and I don't know why . Is it because of the weather that keep changing or because I don't have much sleep and I need to get up early to go to work..Duhhh... me silly billy..

January 11, 2009


Mos people do have problems in any aspects in life. We tend to be happy and just be happy and not thinking of anything but just to be happy and got no worries. I myself has loads of problems that I all I wanted is to be happy and live life to the fullest. Live with a peaceful mind and a good atmosphere. But even as you say as simple as that to say, it is very difficult to live life as what we want it to be. Autism is a brain disorder or lacking of attention that cause autism. Being ignored and being not having enough attention to the person that you want to have an interaction. If you have problem about autism , you have the answer now. Open up and ask any questions and advice there because they are willing to help you about your problem. Don't be scared to open up , speak up your mind because it worth. I would love to read and understand and be more sensitive after reading to people's stories to people around us. I just hope you will check this and you will have peace of mind after reading people's stories and surely you will then feel what they want to have or what sort of attention they want to.

January 08, 2009

Casino Online

One of my Friend keep asking about Casino and that she wants to go casino. Eh I don't have any idea on how to play casino and that I dont know where to go. I remember that one of my chat friend online she said why bother looking for a place to for casino. So she said go to casino bunos and won't have a problem looking for fun. Go online and enjoy playing casino online. In casino bonus you have all the enjoyment because not only that you have bunos there you can play there as long as you want and they have all the strategies to win the game. So me and my friend check the casino bonus and there we find it enjoyable and lol we didnt notice the time because we enjoyed it very much. You people who loves casino just go to casino bonus online and you don't need to drive of find casino near to you. Why bother if you can play it to casino bunos online.

I Felt Bad

I felt bad and helpless today because my family in Gingoog is suffering from flash floods and some of the part in the City is experiencing a mudslide. I felt so helpless because I am very far from them and can't do anything.
I am hoping and wishing that there'll be no calamities will come across to our country.
Wishing that all of the people who's house got distroyed and those farms got ruined because of the flash flood and mudslide.
Now, I am bit fine because at the moment the water's gone and they only have rain showers now. Thank you God for making all my prayers granted.


Grrrrrrrrrrrr super dooper cold here..........Duhhhh..
I hate to wake up in the morning if the temperature is -10 brrrrr I'm frozen .. but I need to get up to go to work . I'm sad because I not use to the weather here and Duhhhhh I miss the sun so much. The heat from the sun raise that touches to my skin. When can I visit my home country again ? this year , next year or I should say only time will tell when? (Sighing) :( duhhh

January 07, 2009

Training your Chihuahua

I always wanted to have a Chihuahua or a dog in my house. A thought slipped in my mind! If I have a dog? how will I'm going to take care because those high breed dogs they need extra time and extra care. I keep on searching online and yes atlast I've found what i want and need to know about. Chihuahua is cute little dog who's height is about 14- 16 inches for a male and 13-15 inches for a female chihuahua. Their weight is 20-30 pounds for the male chihuahua and 18-30 pounds for the female one. There are two types of Chihuahuas. One of which has smooth, soft glossy coat, which covers the whole body except the head and ears. The other version has a long coat with an undercoat. This type of coat could be either curly or flat. Now , these dogs are doing our head especially when they're not trained. doing the potty anywhere , destroy things , barking all the time and etc. Since I'm planning to have a dog, what I did is search online on how to train my dog and I found this site that is very useful for me. They've stated there on how to train you dog. It is very easy for me now to train my dog in the future because I do have idea now on how to do it. If you are looking for a Dog Training Programs, hottest products has the answer. Enjoy and keep talking about hottest product.