November 12, 2008

*Evening Solitude*

When evening shadows fall
And another day is through,
This is the special time
I love to share with you.
You take me in your arms
As the stars begin to shine;
Your kisses are long and deep
Forever I know you'll be mine.
How I love the evenings
The moonlight, the stars and you:
Sharing our hopes and dreams,
Together we'll make them come true

November 11, 2008

* Ballhomes*

Having a family is not that easy. We are always thinking of their safety , clean environment, nice neighbors, peace and a good atmosphere at home. Louisville Real Estate has the perfect home for you. They have all the different floor plans, from cottages to luxery townhomes. They have a perfect environment , safe and quite , nice neighborhood. Consider the ball homes advantages , the locations, right choices, quality, style, convenience, confidence in well-respected homebuilder and continues after closing with extensive warranties and exceptional customer service, the affordability and efficiency. Me , I am dreaming of having a simple home and all of the qualifications that I'm looking for my dream house and etc is in Louisveille real estate. Check Ball home now and I'm sure this is the perfect home for your family.

* Happy Happy Mehhh*

My days went great for me. Today been cleaning and i felt so alive hehehe I don't know why! Maybe someone made me like this hmmm. Yeah! today been cleaning the house and dancing and singing and yessssssssss since christmas is ast approaching sooooo I will be putting on decorations later and beautifying this cuttie house.
I am excited of having a work and excited of facing diffrent people and dealing with them.
Just hoping yeah...! that I won't feel cold that much so I can focus on my work lol.
That's it for now til next time....!tsupp....winky for the safe... :)

*The Veolia Environmental Services*

Nowadays we are having a problem bout our nature. We are having this problem in what we call global warming. Inorder for us to help solve this problem we have Veolia Environmental Services. Doing this will help earth clean and green. So then the next generation will live happily and living with no worries at all. We noticed nowadays that we always experiencing bad climates and typhoons and everything, thats because of the unbalance, the equilibrium. We can make a diffrence. By doing this, so simple, just separate the non-biodegradable materials and biodegradable materials. Veolia Environmental Services are doing the Industrial services , Solid waste , Technical Solutions , Waste to waste energy , Dry Waste and Recycling, Bulky and Construction Waste, Confidential / Security Product Destruction, Liquid/Hazardous Waste, Electronic Waste, Clinical and Quarantine Waste. Don't throw any waste you have at home, separate them all and recycle it and contact Veolia because they have everything for recycling. Check Veolia now for a better understanding. Make earth a clean and green for a better living.

November 10, 2008

*The iLasik*

Mostly people got problem with the eyes. Even the younger people have this problem. It is not easy having eye problem, we can't read or see clearly and it gives us strange feelings. Having eye problem makes the person ill or unbalance in nature , i mean not as like those people who has a clear eye sight because they're having hard time getting or doing what they want to do because of not having a clear sight. LASIK technology utilizes a new state-of-the-art laser, the IntraLase FS. The IntraLase FS allows a cool laser light to pass completely through the corneal surface without potential harm to the outer tissue. The laser light then travels to the exact computer-programmed location within the eye. The cornea is gently reshaped according to the surgeon's specifications for accurate vision correction.
Here are some LASIK information :
iLASIK is painless and fast - the creation of the flap takes about 10 minutes for both eyes. You will receive a mild sedative to help you relax, but you will remain alert and comfortable during the procedure.iLASIK corrects or greatly improves three common refractive errors in vision: myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism (irregular curvature of the cornea). In each of these conditions, light entering the eye through the cornea and lens fails to focus properly on the back of the eye, called the retina. The result is blurred vision. iLASIk reshapes the cornea and restores good eyesight without the need for glasses or contact lenses. This is the very best thing to do for you to see the world with a clear vision. I would love to try this too because my hubby got problem with his eyes too so will try and contact ilasik for more information. You there too! don't wait too long co's our eyes can make us more happier than ever. Check ilasik now...!

November 09, 2008

*Yesterday was a Great day for me* was a great day for me because first I got my visa next , we found an asian shop near to our house, third we found out that we have a balik-bayan box here and lastly , i have 3 choices of work opportunity. Happy that I got my visa atlast because i really wanted to work and have my own savings and money and so I can do whatever I want to. Happy that know now that there's blaik-bayan box here because I wanted to send some things for my family, awwwwwwwwwwww my filipino food....hahahaha...i miss my pinoy food so much and It made my day yesterday and we did went there to grab a trolly..hahaha and go go go go pick pick pick...hahaha...i have everything that i need now except that walis tambo hahaha..cos i dont like their vacuum sweeper here grrrr... Thank you God for really made me happy. It brightens my day everyday thinking always of a great future ahead of me as long as I'll strive hard to make all my dreams come true.

*Ipod that everyone's lovin it*

Are you looking for a great entertainment like when your alone or you're traveling for long or when you felt like u want to hear something sweet to your ears? Or are you looking for a gift for your love ones as your christmas gifts for them? Here's the solution to your problem, the apple ipod. On that site you can find anything that you want for a good price. Ipod !you have anything what u need there. You looking for a nano ipod , ipod touch, ipod classic , ipod shuffle and the latest one is the Iphone. If you're looking for the accesories for your toy , you can find it there too
An ipod is a device where you can store all your music and videos that you like. Capacity, design, good screen, Cover Flow,use of album art, high-quality video support, great games, sound quality, support for lossless audio, integrated podcast features. It's handy and it's easy to use. You can shuffle , repeat your music and put a picture on the track and the lyrics.
Because I am I bought one for myself too. Thank you hubby for spoiling me! So what are you waiting for... this is a good solution to your problem click the link and check it out and you will be amazed.

November 04, 2008

My own Pork Calderita

The ingredients
1.) Slice minced of onions and garlic
2.) Pork cubes
3.) Curry powder 4.) Salt
5.) Evaporated Milk
6.) Baby corn
7.) Carrots
8.) Peas 9.) Potatos 10.) Vegetable Oil

1.) Prepare the ingredients. a diced of pork meat, potato cubes , thin sliced of carrots, peas , garlic and onions. Half a teaspon of curry powder or that will depend on how much u going to make for the family. \increase the ingredients.the milk and a pinch of salt or til the taste is perfect for ur taste buds.

2.) Turn on the fire and put the casserole in a medium gas fire. Pour a little oil and let it heat for 2 minutes an put in the garlic and next is the onions. Keep it til gets golden brown.
2.) wash the pork cubes and stir it til its golden brown and cover it for about 2 minutes.
3.) Next is the potatos and the baby corn and leave it for another 2 minutes.
4.) Add the seasoning, the salt , the mamasita calderita and stir it.
5.) Poor a glass of water to cook the meat, potatoes and the sweet corn.
6.) Cover for bout 30 minutes
7.) Add the carrots and the peas. 8. )Cover and wait for about 30 minutes or til it cooked.
9.) Add the milk and cover for 5 minutes
and ready to serve.

November 01, 2008

What was the scariest movie you saw as a child?

When I was a kid I remember me and my sisters watching this scariest movie I've ever seen it is called Shake rattle and roll. This monster is hiding of an oak tree and he build a house there. When someone's coming especially a kid, it smells so good for him and he will keep sneaking around and follow the kid and he then come out and get that kid. The sound makes me so scared. Imagine the sound like when a snake hunting for food and the shadows and the tress moving like they have life. I suddenly jumped up on my chair because of the loud noise from the television and that time i was so scared. After thatmovie, I never watched horror movies ever again not til I'm in highschool that I am able to understand that it's only a movie and it's not real.
That's the most scarry movie I've ever seen when I was a kid. So that's the end of my story..til then..!Happy Holloween everbody..!