October 30, 2008

Pinoy channels

April , that's the month I arrived to my second country and I've been missing my favorite shows on television. My pinoy soaps and wowowee and so on and so forth. So I've been searching online on where I can watch it for free. Just found youtube and the other channel and i was so happy because atlast I can watch then! but then sad to say that it was just a clips grrrr cos I need to pay every month. So I've search more and I've seen this pinoychannel tv that I wanted so much. Now atlast I can watch any program from abs-cbn or any channel that I want to watch anytime I want. Pinoy channel tv is like youtube and other video sites for tv programs. All you need to do is just go to pinoychannel tv and there you can watch anything you want it. Don't worry about all the episodes that you've missed. All you need to do is type in the title that you want to watch on the search bar and click go and there all episodes with dates on the list. The good thing of this pinoychannel tv is they always upload new sops everyday I mean the continuetion of the sops you've been wanting to watch it always like dyosa, iisa pa lamang , i love betty la fea and more. these are the categories available in TV Series Comedy Music Videos Video Karaoke Sports Entertainment Movies Documentation News & Politics Pets and animals Cartoon & Animations How To's Travel & Places You have anything you want there so go and check it out. Ejoy watching...

October 29, 2008

How to have a natural beauty

It’s an age-old belief that natural beauty is the best kind of beauty. Over the years, it seems some women (‘cake faces’, as I’ve heard them being called) have forgotten all about it. There are ways you can look laid-back, but still gorgeous, in makeup. It doesn’t take much effort, but it does take a little bit of smarts
1. Hair
How does one make her loose, flowing hair look kempt and maintained? The secret is to not use much product at all. If your hair is fine and thin, use a volumizing mousse to give it a little bit of lift. After you wash your hair, towel-dry it to get rid of excess water. Then fill your palm with mousse and run it through your hair, making sure to get the ends. Feel free to use more if needed. Then blow-dry your hair until it’s completely dry. Don’t comb it, though. If you have to, use your fingers and run them through your hair as you’re blow-drying. For an extra boost, flip your head over and blow dry. If you want to soften the ends of your hair, use a round-barrelled brush and brush your hair either in or out for a tousled look.If you have thick or hard to manage hair, calm it down by using a styling product (cream is usually the best choice). Use your fingers to work it through just-washed damp hair. The best way for it to set is to let it air-dry. If you use a blow dryer you may be risking having it frizz up.
2. Skin
It can get burdensome wearing foundation everywhere, but the great thing is it’s up to you! If you lean more toward the no-makeup side, then stick with what you know. All you have to do is dab a little bit of powder over your t-zone (forehead, nose, chin) to eliminate shine and get on your way. If you prefer to go the makeup route, use a light foundation. These days many foundations are made to look transparent and more natural. So blend a bit of concealer under your eyes and on unevenly coloured spots. Then apply sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer on your face. Be sure not to cover your face in one big layer; only apply the product to where you think you need it most and blend it very, very well into your skin. Another alternative is using a tinted moisturizer. This way, you’re only using one product instead of two (moisturizer as well as foundation).
3. Lips
For the most natural looking lips, don’t go with your natural lip colour as you see it right now in the mirror. They look better when you give them a slightly flushed tinge. It’s your real lip colour, with a little something extra. The key here is to steer clear of a lip gloss. Yes, that’s right, even clear lip gloss! Lip glosses are designed to make your lips look super shiny, an effect that doesn’t look at all natural, even if it’s a clear gloss. That’s why you should look for a tinted lip balm or tinted lipstick to match the natural colour of your own lips.
4. Eyes
Don’t use the multi-faceted five different colours of eye makeup method if you want to look natural. And skip the liquid eyeliner, too, unless you’re using it on your bottom lids in one very thin line. The key to keeping your eyes natural looking and gorgeous is embracing the concept of less is more. Think of the one eye makeup product you can’t live without. Is it that brown liquid shadow? Or the black eyeliner? Use whatever it is…and smudge it. Once the colour is smudged, it’ll look less harsh and more natural. Remember not to overload! You want to enhance your features, not hide them.
...natural is best
When you put a fresh face forward, it projects the image that you’re comfortable with yourself and your looks, and that you don’t need to hide behind a layer of makeup. It exudes confidence and you’ll look well put-together and self-assured. Just remember to wear your last essential accessory — that killer smile. ;)

My Autumn Feelings

I came from a very hot country and now I am in a very cold area in Great Britain. My first day here was grrrrrrrrrrr so's cos when I stepped out from the airport I've felt the coldness and gives me shiver , but then now that it's autum ohh my gosh it is very cold for me and it makes me want to come home to my very own country Philippines. Been thinking this isn't yet a Winter..! how much more when it's winter time..?it wouldn't give me chill anymore cos i will be shaken to the the max maybe if no heater's on hehehe. So thankz heater for makin me warmer. Hope that on my next winter or autumn time here wont be that bad as what I've felt right now.

5 Steps To A Perfect Body

Nobody is perfect on the outside and some flaws, no matter how hard we try, cannot be hidden for an eternity from prying eyes, especially if you're a movie or music star, permanently under the media lens. But do not despair: there are always other ways of 'correcting' what nature did injustice to, thanks to modern science!Let us not fool ourselves with such trifles as 'what's on the inside really matters'! Even those who really believe this to be true (fortunately, there still are many idealists out there) place a lot of importance on being the person the others want to see. Why shouldn't that be the golden rule in Hollywood, a world within itself, where image is what most matters?If, by chance, you are on your way to stardom or decided to get there whatever the cost, we proudly present to you the easy guide to a perfect Hollywood body, stressing out which bodily parts require most
your attention. And we thought of starting, naturally, from the top and gradually work our way down, while enumerating the top five must-haves.
1. Beautiful face
Nobody wants to look at a woman and see a potato-like deformed mass in the middle of her face but, still, some celebrities were unfortunate enough as to not be born with the perfect stereotype kind of nose. And, yet, that didn't stop them from getting it. Otherwise, what would have been the point of plastic surgery?
2. Long, overflowing hair
3. Boobs
Hahaha...!yeah..most men do look for that and that we cant deny it..and most women that can afford to have a surgery..! why not? go for it..but for me I still do matter my inner self because thats the most import.
4. Little or no body fat
Hmmm this sounds annoying to me hehehe it's because I'd love to gain weights lol even just a little because i dont like my body like this, it makes me think im ill and i'm too skinny i think.
A little would be great for me.
5. A healthy diet and a good exercise
Perfect...wink.. ;)

October 28, 2008

Josh Ethan a clever boy

Josh Ethan is a 4 months old. Him and her mother had always time to be with each others arms and been playing and watching tv together. Whe her mum start to do her fav thing on computer , she will then put josh in his chair and josh will then start to cry to get his mums attention and it's because he dont want to be on his chair sitting there.
Whe his mum got somethen like a bar snack and she going to eat it , Josh be looking at her and he opened his mouth too lol.. when his mum trying to ignore him he will then grab his mums hair or slap her on her mouth hahaha..
Whe it's tv time his mum plays einstien and he loves it very clever because when the movie start to end knowing that he's alone watching, he will then start to cry out loud so they will notice that the movie's bout to finish..hehehe isn't he that clever..
This one theyr talking to me online and look at Josh he's looking on the screen too trying to communicate to me.
They always have time for Josh that makes Josh very happy and a smart baby.
When you always give time to your baby he/she will know or feel that she/he's the most important thing in the world and that will build a strong and a happy family

October 27, 2008

bad habits

do you think that bad habits are hard to get rid of? I believe that if we as people want to move forward to a better life and a fulfilling one, we have to get rid of bad habits and ways that will keep us down. We have to make choices and the choices that we make at the end should make us a better person and make our lives better . We have to be determine and consistent, whatever habits that is constantly keeping us down we have to work hard to get rid of it. And finally surrender our will and our ways to the Lord, and he will purge us from whatever bad habit that is keeping us down, and never look back there again but move forward. Thats the way we are going to succeed.

October 19, 2008

Hair disasters

I have had a few over my life time.. I once thought it would be fun to color my hair.. Instead of seeking out the help of a professional for my "first time"I purchased a boxed dye at a local store.. My hair came out the funkiest shade of orange and I hated it.. Not only was the color bad but I missed a few spots and it was quite noticable! I ended up having to pay a lot of money to have it redone at a salon to my as close to my natural color as possible.. Another time I began very frustrated of my long hair on a hot summer's day.. I decided at that moment I would cut it all off.. I went to a hair dresser and requested a very short bob cut... I think my biggest mistake was making the decision out of frustration and making such a drastic decision.. I hated the new hair cut and it took forever to grow back.. Have you made some bad mistakes and decisions with your hair?

October 12, 2008

Have you ever thank your mom and dad? Here's your chance

In the midst of all the goofiness of the past weeks, something came up. I remember my mom and dad. Or my "mama and papa" as i call them. It's not mother's or father's day. It's not even their birthday. But whatever the occasion is, it's never bad to tell my mom and dad how much I love them. But i guess, I am usually hindered by the awkward thoughts and feeling that I might feel with the idea of saying "I love you" to them personally. I know there are times that they are very much frustrated about me - all because I didn't listen to them. And in as much as I am an advocate of independent choices, such choices do not come from a vacuum. The wisdom of parents does not come from what they tell you point-black. I learned to read between the lines and understand that my parents' choices are always made out of love. Thank you Mama and Papa, I won't let you down.

October 11, 2008

My Foreign Land

When I was a kid I've seen many places in magazines or in my books and been dreaming and asking myself how far is it to travel. I have been dreaming of going to those places and thinking that the people who lives there are so nice and fruitful and I am dreaming of going to those places one day. Now here I am to a foreign land with a new life , new people , diffrent culture and traditions , diffrent environment and diffrent food. At first I am excited and at the same time I'm getting on my nerve it's because I've been thinking of what will happen to me here and that if i can survive with this crazy weather like! My first day here was so grrr..cos it's freezin and all i think of is my family that i left behind but yes they're here in my heart still and will always be. The next few days getting harder because I am always trying to be polite to anyone that I've met and chat with because I don't want to offend them in any means because we are diffrent! have diffrent cultures and beliefs and etc Then by the next day in the morning I am half awake and I called mom and ask what time is it but by then I've realised that I am not in my own country and I cried because I miss my nanay and my family. (unfinished business..hehe)