August 24, 2008

Which family member do you consult most if you have a problem

In a family we have people we are close to very much. This is somebody that you will tell anything that affects and you would feel good about it. But you are also sure that your problem will be solved. But there are those that you might not even attempt to explain anything happening to you. They say that most ladies would talk talk their mothers, but I have come to realized that boys really approached their mothers freely when in trouble than there fathers and anyother persons. Whom do you approach when having a problem.

August 18, 2008

Face or Body?

What do you think is more important in being beautiful, a beautiful face or beautiful body? I feel that our culture today emphasizes a perfect figure much more than when modesty was still important, and beautiful faces today don't get much attention unless they come with a beautiful body as well...maybe I'm wrong though. Also, I often feel that men care more about the body than the face, thought maybe that is just personal preference as well. What do you think?

August 10, 2008


Whispers breeze fluttering by an satin lies told when young ,
Each day was on tickles and hugs of gentle moments in the sun
these are things that memory brings when sitting alone drinking in that last memory, savoring it's purity, rolling it around your teeth cross velvet tongues and ruby lip spraying that this memory would never end fallen
Enthralled maybe comatose towards a brief of hellish days and nights which do blend, ascend and transcend normal only to have memory rescind my lonely trend and disavow my longing
sweet memoryof the past things driving me towards an insane end

August 09, 2008

Aspirin Mask

Have any of you tried the aspirin mask? Aspirin is a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA), a salicylic acid, just like in most acne clearing products out there. Its incredibly deep cleaning. There are also so many recipes for it, but here is the one I use: 01. Two or more crushed inexpensive aspirin tablets 02. Few drops of water or honey, not too much... you dont want it real watery at all. - put it all over your face, it should be of grainy texture.. & honey helps a lot. -wait~15 or so minutes or until it starts kind of flaking off. - wash it off. the little bits of the tablet act as exfoliators. & that's it! People tweak it for their skin type. ie: yogurt, aloe vera, etc. It can help with oiliness, breakouts, blemishes, etc... and my leaves skin very smooth. Though its not recommended more than~three times a week... its a bit drying, so you should moisturize after... Not for everyone, since some people are allergic to aspirin.