May 13, 2010

Learn how to play piano

Since kid I have always love and dream to play a piano. But then I can't because my parents afford to send me to a piano class. It seems to me like when I hear someone playing piano seems like they're really happy and so gracious. Listening to it makes my soul so happy, contented and really ease the pain and it makes me so relax.

Now that I'm old enough , I would like to  learn to play piano. Since I'm working and I don't have time to go to classes, I've search online on piano courses and I've found one that makes me think it is suitable for me and for my time because it is online or a home study case. The beginner piano course is amazing because they will show you the easiest way on how to do it. They will give you 2 CDs for you to follow or a guide for on where to start and know the notes. They have 3 CDs to start for you to practice and it won't be like the twinkle ones for the kids. You can play your favorite songs if you want to.

I really want to learn so Im gonna do and go for it. Hopefully I be a good student and just absorb everything lol. I'm excited about this. Wish me luck... muahhh

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